Friday, November 21, 2008

Echo at 10 weeks

Here is Echo at just a few days shy of 10 weeks. Although I didn't measure her height, her weight was 30.2 pounds. She has a fantastic appetite and was eating Pro Plan at the breeder's house. We immediately started the transition to Natural Balance Ultra Premium and she is all about eating! We are using the NILIF principles and having her sit before she gets anything; that is, her meals, treats, and attention. She is picking up the sign for "sit" very quickly, it's just a matter of her sitting still long enough to watch my hands!

She is super in tune to where I am at all times and watching me. I think this should make training easier. Biggest problem at this time is her uber-hyperactivity and mouthing/clamping down on any and everything. Right now we're removing her mouth, putting our hands around her muzzle and signing "no." She's not getting it.....yet! Patience, I tell myself.......patience! The other current issue initially is loose stools. Other milestone at 10 weeks......first set of shots.


Abbey said...

Ok love... whats NILIF?

Ive found with Chels 'sit' is her 100% reliable command. So if she ever gets too hectic or about to jump into trouble a quick sit does it...

she is a cutie...x

Saint Lover said...

She is too darling for words. Sounds like she is learning. Puppyhood is a difficult period, thank goodness it doesnt last forever.... lol

Keep up the good work