Friday, December 12, 2008

Echo at 14 weeks

I'm a bit behind in posting, but wanted to make sure I posted about Echo's progress at 14 weeks before any more time passes! She turned 14 weeks this past Monday. She had a visit with the vet and she has actually gained weight, which I've been so worried about because of her GI issues! She's now 43 pounds and is definitely getting taller. She no longer has the runs but still has a few days left of her meds. I can only hope that her follow-up stool sample is free and clear of any 'bugs!'

Echo has really tested my patience lately. Of course it doesn't help that it has been a rough week in general. My dad had a heart attack on Saturday (he's back home and healing well now) and then my middle daughter had a follow-up appt. to see if her ear surgery in August was a success or not. Unfortunately, it was not and we're back to square one. Anyway, Echo has been wilder than ever. She has knocked down the Christmas tree twice this week, has ruined multiple pieces of my clothing from jumping up and latching onto them, then ripping them. One day I actually looked at her and thought there must be a feral dog in my presence! I truly don't think anymore that this has a thing to do with her being deaf. I think it is simply her disposition and I can only hope it improves with time (and LOTS of work!).

There have been no new signals this week, as she's just not ready for them. We've focused on just being able to have her out of her crate and around the other dogs and us!! She's almost fully transitioned onto the NB Fish and Sweet Potato food. She inhales it just like the other food! I introduced carrots this week as a "treat" and of course she loves them. We went on a van ride and she busted through the van barrier (anyone know of a really heavy duty barrier that will work for a van....let me know!) and chewed a hole in the leather seat. I'd crate her in the van but with three danes, there's not enough room for a crate in the van!

I can't wait to get her started in a puppy class but that won't be until mid-January when she's finished with all of her shots (she received the second round this week).

Here she is, standing between my of her favorite places to stand. And no...she didn't pee on my pant leg, that's where the water spilled from her dish!
Practicing her "sit and wait" commands. If only she were this calm all the time ;)

This is the FIRST and only time so far that I have ever seen her laying down outside of her crate playing with a toy!


HawaiianDane said...

Cute pictures of her! I am glad to hear she has gained weight! She looks so sweet!

Lynn said...

Awww, she is so cute! Cash was a wild puppy and still has his moments!

Raising Addie said...

Oh you poor thing! You have had a week haven't you! I'm glad your father is doing better. Sorry to hear about your daughter. Ear problems are soooo hard to correct it seems.

Echo is getting soooo big! I can't tell you have many items of clothing Addie have made her mark on when she was a puppy from jumping up and latching on. If puppies didn't have needle sharp teeth our clothes would last longer!

Staci (Addie's mom)

dewdana said...

Glad her weight is coming up! She sounds like a handful for sure! Have you tried a doggie seatbelt? I also saw the craziest contraption ever for doggie travel:
Hope things settle down next week!
Dana + Moose said...

Hello Zoo Crew!

Gosh - so many difficult things happening to your humans and you too - poor things! I hope you all feel better soon. Little Echo is so gorgeous in the photos. And I love the pictures of Kai and Lucy snuggling up together on the sofa.

Poor Kai getting colitis! I'm really lucky, I guess, to be not bothered about it - my humans believe that if you get a dog used to things when it is a young puppy, then it'll be much easier when we grow up. So they put me in kennels when I was 4 months old - just for a few days, even though they weren't going away anywhere - just so I'd learn and get used to it - like going to the vet or riding in the car - and I just thought it was a great place to play with other dogs and I learnt that my humans would always come back for me, so it was no big deal.

Since then, I have gone to the Pet Hotel a few times - whenever my humans need to go away to see their families. Sometimes I even see my doggie friends from the park or training class in there! :)

Honey the Great Dane

The FOUR Musketeers said...

glad that she is gaining weight ! Look ! she grown so much :D

Maggie and Mitch said...

You certainly have had a stressful week!
Echo sure is a cutie!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Chef said...

Oh dear! We have so much catching up to do! The blog looks awesome, by the way. (I tried to log in a couple of times and couldn't.)

Yóu've all had your share of problems lately. I'm glad your father is getting well but I'm sorry about your daughter's ear surgery. Ear problems are stubborn ones. Good luck with that.

Echo's looking great, and so are Lucy and Kai. We're keeping the apple cider vinegar in mind for "one day" because it seems to be doing great things for Kai.

Now that we're logging in without a problem, we'll definitely drop in often.

Linda and Chef

Randi said...

Hear Zoo Mama...

Did Echo get a pre screening of "Marley & Me"? I know its supposed to open on Christmas, but maybe she pulled a few strings..or knocked over a few trees to gain admittance!

She sounds like a big bundle of I'm sending you very peaceful vibes your way!

love & licks,

Sharon said...

She is so cute, but boy is she a hand full! Good luck :)

S and D

Lady Kaos said...

That sweet innocent face caused all that comotion? Are you sure? lol

greatdaneservicedog said...

You are THE most patient and tolerant soul--I'd have a nervous breakdown with all you've been going through. Kudos and peanut butter treats to you, Mom.
Just a suggestion, but for the GI troubles, I've put Kenai on a special probiotic that survives the stomach acid to reach the small intestines--it balances out the flora down there where giardia, coccidia hang out and antibiotics have trouble reaching. It really has helped my two boys. It's called Primal Defense, or Primal defense ultra. If you're interested, I'll send ya the link.

Bella Baby said...

Oh very the pink on her!! she is guarding that toy!! that is what Zoie does too!