Saturday, December 6, 2008

Potpourri of stuff!

The weather has been so nice lately, so we've been trying to spend as much time as possible outside! Willow has discovered this HUGE ball that has been in the yard for years.....why it's suddenly the best toy around, who knows! But she has the most fun trying to play keep-a-way with Echo and runs up to Echo, drops the ball and just when Echo goes for the ball, she grabs it and runs away. They can play like that for quite some time, neither tiring of the silly game! Willow is now 9 months old and her latest weigh-in put her at 115 pounds. She is 34" at the 'withers' and I certainly hope she slows down with her growing! She is still eating the Natural Balance Fish and Sweet Potato food and doing quite well on it. I've just upped her to 6 cups a day and so far she's tolerating the increase without any problems. She also gets raw meaty bones during the week, a raw egg mixed in with her food a few times a week, plain yogurt in her food occasionally, as well as supplements sometimes. I also put apple cider vinegar in the dogs' drinking water.
Kai is still hanging in there! Truly, I'm amazed at his will. He and Lucy are the very best of friends and where you see one, you'll usually find the other. Every morning, Lucy runs full speed to see Kai and it's like Christmas morning all over again. She jumps for joy, trying to reach is muzzle to give him kisses. And he just soaks it all up!
She keeps my feet warm when she's snuggled under the covers at night, but do you suppose she's keeping him warm? ha! But the company is appreciated, I'm sure!
And the LWT....well, we've been dealing with another issue now; giardia! UGH!! When is it all going to end? Thankfully, she's on meds that seem to finally be helping and she no longer has the runs. I've also upped her food and started the slow switch over to the same food that Willow is eating plus she's up to about 4.5 cups a day. I'm sure she'd eat more but I don't want to move too fast given her GI issues for the past month! We're still working on the same hand signs and I've *just* introduced down but we've got a ways to go with that one! She's a smart one, though....the minute she sees me walking toward the food bins and I sign "eat," she runs to her crate and waits to eat!
Echo also got her first taste of peanut butter by the way of a 'stuffed' kong! Willow was going crazy for it, but I made her stay away so Echo could enjoy it. And enjoy it, she did! At 13 weeks, she weighed in at 37 pounds, but is still underweight due to all the GI issues. She has definitely gotten taller and just in the past few days, it seems like she's finally putting on a bit of weight! She goes back to the vet on Tuesday, and I'm anxious to see if she's gained anything.
And as I mentioned at the beginning of the post, we've been enjoying the nice weather. So we decided to head up to the foothills for a hike last weekend and unfortunately, the wind was blowing horribly. We did manage a 45 minute walk or so and the dogs did really well. Better than the kids, I might add!
(Willow is wondering why it's taking so long for our friend, Teresa, to snap the picture. Just try getting two little girls and two pups to ALL look the same direction......not so easy!)
*I don't have a current picture of Halo to post, but thought I better mention the latest with her as well! Several weeks ago, we had to return to the vet with her because she'd shriek out in pain at the oddest of times. Even when she was asleep. It seemed isolated to her neck and was getting worse, so in for an exam she went. It turns out that her cervical vertebrae were injured in the attack and so is on prednisone (a weaning dose now) and seems to be doing much better, thank goodness!


dewdana said...

Awesome pics, I esp. love the Kai and Lucy pics. I have a thing for black dogs AND older dogs AND big dogs so that is all there in that Kai face! Glad you found the trouble with Halo and that she will be ok!
Dana + Moose

Ruby said...

What grat pictures. I love the one of Lucy sleeping in Kai's back.
I'm glad that Echo & Halo are doing much better.
Enjoy your nice weather. It's been bone chilling cold here. -13F.
Joyelle & Ruby

River said...

Such an interesting day for everyone. That is so sweet that Lucy loves Kai.

Love & wags,

Lorenza said...

Hi, friends!
I can see how much Lucy loves Kai! Lovely pictures!
It is nice to know that Echo and Halo are doing well!
Take care
Kisses and hugs

Asta said...

I'm sowwy I haven't visited youw wondewful family fow's good to heaw that evewyone seems to be doing bettew..those pictoowes awe pwecious Kai and Lucy and Willow and that adowable Echo wif the hoomungous baby paws..bootiful!!!
I hope Halo stops huwting totally and wecovews fwom hew awe the twue spiwit of Chwissmuss in youw family yeaw wound..I'm honowed to call you my fwiend
smoochie kisses

Maggie and Mitch said...

What sweet pictures of Lucy and Kai!
We're so glad that Halo is on the mend! We think about her so often!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Raising Addie said...

Awww... Kai and Lucy are adorable together! Thank you so much for sharing their pictures! Little Lucy snuggled on top of him, just precious!

Zoe and K-8 use to be like that. I have pictures of them snuggled on their K-8's big bed together. Zoe and Addie don't have that same relationship at all. Zoe just missed K-8 too much.

Echo is growing so fast. Her paws are sooo very big! I bet she is going to be huge!

I am glad that little Halo is doing good and has found her bed.

I LOVE your new site.


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

oh your pictures are so adorable!

We wondered exactly why you put the cider vinegar in the water? But Marvin thinks he would like to try it!

Perhaps it is the dog equivalent of a white wine spritzer?!

Thank you for your comments on our blog, we will look in again soon!

love from Marvin and Jeannie xxxxx

Three Dogs Long said...

Just pawsing through!! Love your blog! (and your furkins)

Oskar, Schatzi & Oskar

Dannan and The Girl said...

I'm so glad that Kai and Lucy are such good friends! Happy to hear that everyone is progressing, especially that you've found out why Halo has been hurting. Sweet Halo, extra brown dog kisses for you!


Pee Ess I can't understand why your g-parents wouldn't welcome you all with open arms! You could come stay with us anytime!

Gunther said...

What great pictures and they all look like sweethearts.

Hope you don't mind I added your blog to Gunther's friends list.

Have a great evening

Mack said...

That is sooo sweet about Lucy and Kai. They must have a very special bond. the new baby is preshhhhhhhus!

Mango said...

It is good to see Kai looking so happy with little Lucy.


Erin,Bubbles and Texas said...

Awww that is just way to sweet, your white dane is just beautiful!

I have to agree with everyone else though, the Kai and Lucy pics are just way to cute!!

Erin and the dachshunds-Bubbles and Texas

Amber said...

Kai & Lucy are so cute together! I just love the story of Lucy jumping up and trying to lick Kai's muzzle...I can only imagine! How sweet! You mentioned you use signs with the dogs...sign language or your own version of sign language? Just curious. My Mom uses sign language with me too...some real and some adapted! ;)


Sharon said...

It's great to hear such an update! The Lucy story and her friendship with Kai are just too cute.

Dobby is on almost the same exact diet as you describe! ...only much, much less food :) He gets 1/3 cup Wellness kibbles in the morning and a RMB or meat at night. I give him ACV, too!

Lots of Love,
Sharon and Dobby